Performance of shear stud clusters for precast

HALFEN - Introduction - HCC - Column Shoe - Reinforcement

HALFEN HAB H anchor studs are made of concrete steel B 500 B with coiled thread. The anchoring is achieved through a unilaterally forged head (head stud anchor). HAB H anchor studs are, due to their low installation depth, especially suitable for anchoring in flat structures such as the foundations or walls that have sufficiently large edge

Steel-Yielding Demountable Shear Connector for Composite

A demountable shear connector for use in composite floors with precast hollow-core slab units is proposed. The proposed shear connector consists of a steel square hollow tube welded on a steel plate that is bolted on the steel section's top flange using four high-strength bolts.

Full article: Performance of Embedded Bolt Shear Connectors

2020. 1. 30. — The performance of shear connectors in composite bridges is an increasingly These bolt clusters were placed in the precast panel block-out 


SHEAR CONNECTIONS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF A FULL-DEPTH PRECAST CONCRETE DECK SYSTEM A Thesis by MATTHEW DALE HENLEY Submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies of Texas A&M University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF SCIENCE May 2009 Major Subject: Civil Engineering

Shear Transfer Mechanism and Design of Shear Connectors

Title: Shear Transfer Mechanism and Design of Shear Connectors for Full-Depth Precast Deck Panel System Author(s): Young Hoon Kim and David Trejo Publication: Structural Journal Volume: 111 Issue: 4 Appears on pages(s): 935-944 Keywords: full depth; precast overhang panel system; shear friction; shear transfer mechanism Date: 7/1/2014 Abstract: The development and implementation of full-depth

ABC-UTC Guide for: Full-Depth Precast Concrete (FDPC) Deck

Full-Depth Precast Concrete (FDPC) Deck Panels . May 2019 . Performing Institution: 5.3. Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) with placement of shear studs, so this detail can be used for situations where a large number of shear studs are required. A similar panel configuration was used on

Optimal Placement of Precast Bridge Deck Slabs with ... - IAARC

shear connectors on the girders need to be properly connected. (LM) method. To validate the effectiveness of the LiDAR; Precast girder; Precast bridge deck slab;. Precast bridge points and background points become two clusters.

The Fatigue Resistance of Headed Shear Stud Connectors in

This research study investigates the fatigue behaviour of continuous and grouped shear stud connectors for cast-in-place and precast deck applications, respectively. A total of six cast-in-place and six precast composite beams have been fabricated, instrumented, fatigued to failure, and monitored in order to generate new, valuable fatigue data.


eliminate the need for shear pockets in most of the panels, although some type of shear pocket will be required for the overhang panels. Because of the elimination of the shear pockets, the designer has flexibility with placement of shear studs, so this detail can be used for situations where a large number of shear studs are required.

Project No. M085 Final Report Girder Shear Reinforcement

shear and create composite section. In the new connection, girder shear reinforcement or studs are kept underneath the deck panels, while UHPC is used instead to fill the haunch and shear pockets and transfer interface shear between deck panels and girders. Using UHPC and eliminating changes to standard shear connectors make precast concrete deck

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