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10. Foil resistor:- The primary resistance element of a foil resistor is a special alloy foil several micrometers thick. Since their introduction in the 1960s, foil resistors have had the best precision and stability of any resistor available. One of the important parameters influencing stability is the temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR).

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Introduction I've for some time now wanted to do more RF design. Although I have taken some RF design courses, I haven't actually made a single RF design before. But you can't learn without doing and inspired by the MIT coffee can radar designed by Gregory Charvat, I figured that building a radar should be a doable project that would offer some challenge while also having some real world use.

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Caddocks Micronox® resistance films are the source of the Type MG Precision High Voltage Resistors Maximum continuous operating voltages as high as 48,000 volts ("-15" ratings). 1N2510M Silicon Point Contact Mixer Diodes.

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Software instruNet World, is a FREE application program. It manages, monitors and operates the instruNet system. It digitizes long continuous waveforms, spools them to disk, views incoming waveforms in real-time and then allows post acquisition viewing-much like an oscilloscope or strip chart recorder. instruNet World provides a spreadsheet-like environment where one can set and view channel

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If you want better simulation, change the resistor to 600 ohm and increase the power supply voltage. Simple Line Mixer - I designed this circuit for one friend of mine to be used as a small portable DJ mixer. The circuit is an audio mixer circuit so simple as it can be.

100kΩPrecision-Matched Resistor-Divider in SOT23

100kΩPrecision-Matched Resistor-Divider in SOT23 6 _____ PREFIX MAX 5490 V A 10000 -T ROOT PART NUMBER MAX5490 = 100kΩ end-to-end RATIO RANGE L through W. Resistor ratio must fall in the appropriate ratio range. (See Table 2.) RATIO ACCURACY

A 0.8-V accurately tuned linear continuous-time filter

The feedback resistor of the lossy integrator is sized low enough to bias the triangle wave near mid-rail, yet high enough to provide sharp triangular peaks in the triangle waveform.

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continuous applied pulse. The pulse endurance values are not assured values, so be sure to check the products on actual equipment when you use them. T e m p e r a t u r e W R i s e (° C) 300 200 150 100 50 0 10 70 8020 30506040 90 100 Power Rating (%) 3A2 W3A2 W3A W2H W3A 2H 250 C M ②:Termin al ①:Hot spot easur m ntc od i Room temperature

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Items 1 - 8 of 120 — Resistance thermometers, also called resistance temperature The advantage of RTDs is the stable accurate output over a long period of time. Of paramount importance is the fact that the RTDS works in continuous, sustained real time. our great range of RTDs (Ready To Drink) and alcoholic mixers.

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